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Out Grow, Out Wit, Out Rank!

PC Free-to-Play Online Football Club Manager


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Manage Players

Take control and build your dream football club.


Recruit, train and gather your favorite REAL players from different countries and leagues.
Rise to the top in this dynamic football management game.



Brave the fierce competition and climb the rankings to test your prowess and prove your mettle.


Compete with other players through the Coupe de France, Euro Shield, Dutch beker, Copa Estrellas, Latin Cup and World Cup competitions available in FCManager



There is more to football than just training and playing.


Research opponents and build strategies from the regular 4-4-2, 4-3-3 or set individual tactics for your players and change them to suit a match.

Let your intellect shine in FCManager and bring out your team’s hidden potential.



A good support goes a long way. Join a Federation, meet new people, and exchange tips and strategies.


Belonging in a Feder opens a new world of possibilities, bringing with it co-op competitions, status benefits and bountiful rewards when winning.



Players grow with proper guidance and training.


Facilities in-game helps your club to be the best, and you have the power to increase their efficiency. Build your home Stadium to get maximized support and revenue from the fans, invest in your Training Facility and gain higher quality youth players by donating to the Youth Academy.


Bet and Win

Test your power of analysis by supporting other managers’ games.


Follow the flow of their matches, and predict the winner with a good wager. Take the calculated risk and win game money for your club.



Never miss your club’s matches, your players’ training sessions and daily achievements.


With the FCManger mobile app you become a fulltime manager while going about your day. The FCManager mobile app is available for Android and iOS.


Watch the Game

Enjoy the game in different ways. Watch your team and their movements in 2D representation to analyze gameplay strategies with ease.


If you prefer to watch the matches in realistic graphics, switch to 3D. Experience the thrill of players performing real moves, just like watching a live broadcast of the game.